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Speed up tagging photos on Facebook

posted 23 Jan 2010, 12:49 by James Gibbard   [ updated 23 Jan 2010, 15:39 ]
Tagging photos on Facebook can be a laborious process. Normally if I upload a large set of photos I will tag  all the people in the album, in one photo each, and then allow them to tag themselves in the rest.  I will then go through and tag myself in all the ones in which I appear.

As anyone who uses Facebook knows to tag a photo you click on the person in the photo, type the first few letters of their name and then hit enter. This takes a while, and if you are only tagging yourself you find that you are constantly going from the keyboard to the mouse over and over again.

To stop this I made a small program in AutoHotKey to partially automate the process and consequently greatly speed it up.

The program allows entry of the names of the two people that you wish to tag quickly (For example you and your other half).

  • Double click on the .exe file
  • Click ok and press the windows key and z to set the two names (Or one name)
  • Once entered, simply go to the first photo in the Facebook album and click "Tag this photo".
  •  Hold the control key and left click to tag the first person and control and right click to tag the second person.
  • To go to the next photo double press control
  • Once all the photos have been tagged click finish tagging.
  • Press the windows key and x to exit the program.
This won't work if you are trying to tag a person who has the same name as someone else in your Facebook contacts (i.e. two John Smith's).
Secondly you must enter their name as it appears on their Facebook account. If you do not do this then the person will be tagged but the tag will not be linked to their profile.

I made this program for my own use therefore its not very user friendly but I'm sharing it in the hope that someone else might find it useful!

Click here to download the program.
See below to download the source code.
(Feel free to edit and redistribute it as you wish.)

James Gibbard,
23 Jan 2010, 15:23